Consultancy Agreement Template Uk

Our agreements include global and simpler contracts between companies for individual professionals. All of our documents are written in modern language and can be easily tailored to the interests of the advisor or client. Although written in plain English, the concepts are profound and the documents are thorough. Using one of these agreements will improve your brand as a professional and well-organized company, protect your intellectual property and help move forward smoothly. In standard agreements, the delivery element refers to the services indicated in the schedule. Premium agreements include a more flexible definition of “delivery elements.” In addition to the specific services defined in the calendar, the definition “all other materials or works, in any form or form – that were produced by the consultant during the project” can be included. The more generous version of this definition may be useful, for example. B if the client has to cede the rights to the entire consultant`s work product. As a general rule, this is the case where the consultant`s work is entirely or partially based on the materials and rights of the client. Consultants can refer to their consulting contract to establish invoices for a client. You can also keep a copy of the agreement for your files. This is our standard enterprise agreement, which contains additional conditions for a situation where the work involves significant intellectual property, scientific or high-tech content. The information pages attached to these models highlight any risk that HMRC or labour law may consider each advisor to be a salaried worker and not as an individual contractor, or that the IR35, temporary workers, labour law or other legislation will have a negative effect on the individual and/or consultant.

This document is our standard business consulting contract, which is better suited to companies that offer human resources advice. The board may be a full-time job or an extra job, for example. B if it is a law relating to the provision of advisory services.