Extended Warranty Agreement Template

Many extended warranties are offered at the Point of Sale, but sometimes distributors call or send mail long after making a purchase. More than likely, these locations come from independent companies. If you react, you will likely hear high-pressure sales tactics as well as requests for personal financial information and a down payment before receiving details of the service contract. And if you buy a service contract from a telemarketer, you may find that the company behind it will not be in business long enough to meet its obligations. 1. Description. Lantronix extends the standard warranty for the particular product purchased for the period specified in the order. Before considering a service contract, make sure you know what your warranty coverage is. Compare warranty coverage with the service contract to determine if a supplement is the beneficiary of the additional coverage. (a) Lantronix ensures that the material product covered by the extended warranty is free of material and processing errors during the extended warranty period.

If a customer is unable to resolve a product issue with Lantronix technical assistance during this period, a return authorization (RMA) is issued. After receiving an RMA number, the customer must return the product in advance to Lantronix. After checking the warranty, Lantronix will repair or replace the product according to its choice and return it to the customer. (e) Valid warranty. Advanced Replacement according to the conditions of this definition and during the terms of the initial or extended product warranty. Products considered unsecured due to unauthorized or incorrect use of the product or use in an environment for which the product has not been developed are not entitled to extensive replacement and the customer is charged for any replacement product, including shipping and handling. (k) relations between the contracting parties. This agreement is not designed as a consultation agreement between the parties. Some service contracts duplicate the warranty offered by the manufacturer; some cover only part of the product; and some make it almost impossible to get repairs if you need them.

9. GUARANTEE. Lantronix is committed to performing the selected services in a factory manner. In the case of technical support, Lantronix does not guarantee that a problem will be resolved or that an item is error-free. This Agreement and Services apply only to products under the initial or extended warranty exported to the certified environments indicated in the product`s release notes. THE FOREGOING WARRANTY IS LOCATED IN THE PLACE OF ANY OTHER WARRANTIE, CONDITIONS OR PROMISE TO CUSTOMERS OR ONE IN THREE, EXPRESS OR IMPLIED, INCLUDING ANY IMPLIED WARRANTY OF MERCHANTABILITY OR FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE, OR ARISING STATUE, LAW, RACE OF DEALING, CUSTOM AND PRACTICE OR TRADE USAGE. EXCEPT AS NOTED ABOVE, SERVICES ARE PROVIDED “AS INTENDED.” (a) This agreement contains the conditions under which services must be provided and includes, among other things, exclusions from guarantees and limitations of liability. PURCHASING SERVICES ISS ACCEPTANCE OF THE AGREEMENT AND ACCEPTANCE OF THESE CONDITIONS AND CONDITIONS.