Galion Gender Agreement

We are convinced that diversity is a source of richness, and that women are the largest pool of untapped talent in the world. In order to help promote the potential of female entrepreneurship at our level, Place2Swap is involved in numerous women`s networks aimed at greater gender diversity and inclusion. Place2Swap is also committed to implementing simple and concrete solutions defined by The Galion Project to promote gender equality in Tech by signing the Gender Agreement. details on the calculation of the gender equality index. To go further, the Galion Project Manifesto and Charter are available online on the organization`s website. A culture of equality must be disseminated through a holistic approach, says Hélène Merillon (Youboox): This absence of women is however due to societal factors, as Frédéric Bardeau (Simplon) points out: adoption by the European Parliament, on 16 April 2019, of the directive relating to the protection of persons inform on offences against Union law. And it would be a mistake to turn them back, because, recalls Frédéric Potter (Netatmo), “there is no organization or more effective Like a woman returning from maternity leave: it is a war machine! Withdrawal is not a matter of child, but of a person. “But objectification does not eliminate distortions: no formal opinion prior to taking note of the termination. Equality between men and women has an impact on performance, innovation and the development of society: men help us a lot on this subject. The Galion Project was born in part to men like Jean-Baptiste Rudelle or Bertrand Diard, raised by women who worked themselves. It changes their point of view and it helps to get things right. The Galion Project invites entrepreneurs to support this gender agreement and thus commit to building their growth on a common vision of the world between women and men. “The feminization of teams is rarely done on its own,” stresses Jean-Baptiste Rudelle (Criteo).

“While we need to expand the recruitment process, we must be determined to achieve their goals.” I would like to add that there needs to be more diversity in the spheres of power. This need for inclusion has allowed some technology giants to develop their boards and no longer reproduce certain patterns. This is an important factor in running a business in a healthy and calm manner. But above all… Céline Lazorthes testifies to this: the advent of the microcomputer is a game-changer: computers enter homes and become the privilege of geeks, the elite of the counterculture popularized by films like “War Games”.