Technology Investment Agreements Dod

This final rule contains the Office of Management and Budget (OMB) guidelines for federal authorities regarding administrative requirements, cost principles and audit requirements for federal grants, cooperation agreements and other support instruments (2 Part CFR 200). In addition, this rule contains definitions of terms common to DoDGAR and defines a central regulatory position for each term. The premium refers to a grant, a cooperation agreement, a technology investment agreement or any other non-borrowing instrument submitted to one or more parts of the DoDGARs. In each part of the regulations, the term covers only the types of instruments submitted to that party. The cooperation agreement is a legal instrument that complies with 31 United States. C 6305 is used to establish the same type of relationship as a grant (see the definition of “subsidy” in this subsection), with the exception of the significant participation between DoD and the recipient in the exercise of the activity under the cooperation agreement. The term does not include “research and development cooperation agreements” within the meaning of 15 United States. C 3710a. The contract agent is a DoD official authorized to enter into, manage and/or terminate technology investment agreements. DoD Components appoints the position of Minister of Defence; Military divisions; The Office of the National Guard (NGB); and all defence agencies, DoD field activities and other organizational entities within the DoD that are empowered to grant or manage grants, cooperation agreements and other non-borrowing instruments submitted to DoDGs. C. The terms “acquisition” and “support” are defined in this section in such a way that they correspond to the main purposes described in paragraphs III.B.1 or 2 of this section.

Using these terms, paragraphs III.B.1 and B.2 can be reproduced so that grants and cooperation agreements are ancillary instruments used by DoD Components in relation to the purchase contracts they use for the acquisition. 1) training for the doD components of granting grants and cooperation agreements at the main stage; and advanced research means advanced technological development that creates new technologies or demonstrates the ability to apply existing technologies to new products and processes in general.