Tfl Development Agreement

· Bond Street Station East, where an agreement was signed with the GHS Limited Partnership (one of the joint ventures of Great Portland Estates plc) for the development of a 129,900 m2 mixed use scheme above the east entrance of Bond Street Station in Hanover Square. The land will be transformed into an eight-storey mixed facility that will include 129,900 square metres of office space and 2,300 square metres of retail space on the ground floor. Once the development is complete, TfL Aviva investors grants a long lease agreement that generates significant revenues that TfL will reinvest in the transportation network. Subject to planning approval, Aviva Investors` proposals for the site will provide approximately 175,000 square metres of net laudable office and retail space. The farringdon station in Clerkenwell is transformed into a mixed complex with ground floor and retail under seven floors of high-quality office space, including a terrace, fitness centre and bike service directly accessible from the nearby Superhighway cycle, which connects Elephant Castle and King`s Cross. Work is expected to begin later this year. “This is undoubtedly one of the best development sites in the City and we are pleased to continue our partnership with TfL,” said James Stevens, Director of Global Real Development and Real Estate at Aviva Investors. The exceptionally high standards we set in terms of quality of development and sustainability, have received a number of international awards, including: “Best Employer in Poland” in 2016 by AON Hewitt, “Best European Office Developer 2016” at the World Finance Awards, “Office Developer” at the 2017 EuropaProperty Annual CEE Investment Awards and “Global Real Estate Investor of the Year” from Estates Gazette Awards 2017 in the UK. · Farringdon Station East, where a development contract was signed with Helical Plc in 2018 for an east ticketing development. The project, opposite the historic Smithfield Market, with 88,500 sqm of office space on six floors and with retail sales on the ground floor. The Limmo Penisula development areas in Canning Town and armourers Court in Woolwich, which are two of the twelve major developments above and around new Elizabeth line stations and Crossrail yards, have been announced as two of the expected sites that would be part of the TfL “Build to Rent” program with grain plcger in April of this year. The program will provide 3,000 housing units, of which at least 40 percent are affordable on all new planning authorities.

· Farringdon Station West, where a development contract on the west entrance was signed with HB Reavis. The system comprises 138,000 square metres of retail and net office space. “As an important part of our huge development pipeline, Elizabeth Line Systems directly open up opportunities for new housing and jobs and will generate significant revenues to reinvest in London`s transportation system.” Graeme Craig, Director of Business Development at TfL, added: “This site in the heart of London offers the potential for fantastic new office and retail spaces that support the city`s growth and we are pleased to have completed this transaction with Aviva Investors.