Vagrant End User License Agreement

If the product tries to keep the accepted license and fails, a message is sent to STDOUT, but the product call continues successfully. However, in the event of a future appeal, the licence should be accepted again. After payment of the applicable royalties under this Agreement, Device42 grants Licensee a non-exclusive, non-transferable license to use the Software and Documentation for internal purposes during the period for which licensee has paid the royalties, subject to the following conditions: If the call for the Chef Habitat license cannot be displayed, the product fails with an exit code of 172. If Chef Habitat cannot keep the accepted license, a StDOUT message will be sent, but the product call will continue successfully. However, on a future call, the user must accept the license again. 1.3 “Software License Key” means a valid license key issued to Licensee to activate and use the Software. 13.8. No other conditions. Sometimes your accountants send us attached orders with a lot of itty bitty language that requires a microscope for us to read.

Everyone does it – we understand. However, this agreement is the only agreement between us, and the terms of an order, written terms or other documents that you provide to us that contain terms different from the terms of this agreement, in contradiction with or in addition to these terms, are rejected by HashiCorp and are invalid and ineffective. The –chef-license command-line argument is not backward compatible with older non-EULA versions. If you manage an environment with multiple versions, it is recommended that you use the environment variable because it is ignored by older versions. 8.1. Term. This Agreement shall start from the date of entry into force of the Agreement and, unless terminated in accordance with this Section 7, shall remain in force for the duration of the evaluation. This Agreement terminates automatically without notice at the end of the Evaluation Period, unless we agree to issue you an extension of your license, in which case the duration of the evaluation is deemed extended for as long as the renewal of the license we provide to you.

In addition, to accept the license in CI or any other automation, the user can create an empty file in the file system under /hab/accepted-licenses/habitat (if your hab commands are executed as root) or under $HOME/.hab/accepted-licenses/habitat (if your hab commands are executed as root). In situations where hab commands are executed as multiple users, it is recommended that you create both files. Automate has its own reconfiguration tool, automate-ctl. This tool guides users through the installation and installation of vending machines. The chef license is then accepted in the browser. Please follow the product instructions. For each software license key acquired by Licensee, Licensee may: (i) use the Software on a single server; and (ii) copy the software for backup and archival purposes, provided that each copy contains all proprietary notices of the original software. The commissionaire in Test Kitchen >= 2.3 has been updated to simplify the acceptance of this license on behalf of the test instance. Users can set the environment variable CHEF_LICENSE or chef_license: add accept to their commissioner configuration in their kitchen.yml.

By indicating accept, one tries to maintain the acceptance of the license locally….